Chris Paul Daniels /

Artist and Filmmaker based in Manchester.

Current -

2nd - 11th December 2016 Unravel at Whitney Museum of American Art

2nd - 18th December 2016 YOU ARE A POWERHOUSE!commissioned by HOME, exhibited at Visions in The Nunnery (programme 3) at Bow Arts Centre.

9th - 18th December 2016 New film with Sam Meech ‘One Square Mile’ co-commissioned by Quays Culture and University of Salford installed in Media City as part of Lightwaves:






Originally commissioned by HOME, Manchester’s new multi-million pound arts space, as part of the exhibition ‘SAFE’ based on the 1995 film of the same name by Todd Haynes.

A bombardment of cultural references, fictional corporate case studies, and empty rhetorical word play collide – aligning commercial self help theory and the emphasis on the individual to independently solve complex situations with the current political lexicon. Through the advertised use of a live hotline, which in reality calls the arts centre’s own Box Office telephone number, Daniels explores broader institutional critiques and the pressured expectations of the arts centre to fully engage communities and deliver transformative experiences within an austerity context.

This short film has also been played at the following: ICA London (November 2015) HOME Manchester (November - Jan 2016) IFVA at Hong Kong Arts Centre (March 2016) Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (June 2016) Bedlam Fringe - Edinburgh Fringe Festival (August 2016) Arts and Literature Lab, Wisconsin (August 2016) The Tetley at Leeds International Film Festival (November 2016) Sea Change Festival, Totnes, with Video Social Club (August 2016) Plymouth Art Weekender, with Video Social Club (September 2016), Visions in the Nunnery Gallery at Bow Arts part 3 (December 2016)

Written, Filmed and Edited by Chris Paul Daniels. Music by Graham Massey. Sound Mastered by Kelvin Brown. Huge thanks to Carol, George, Annie, Adam and Karen for sharing their stories. Casting and Wardrobe by Jemma Dalton, Morag Rose, Anna Budrys and Lucy Ridges. Special thanks to Bysshe Harkavy, Bren O’ Callaghan and Tom Summers. Commissioned by HOME in support of the exhibition SAFE Curated by Sarah Perks and Louise O’Hare (14th November 2015 - 3rd January 2016).


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